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Francisco Isöo

Francisco Isöo was born in Porto, Portugal, in 1970.

Francisco Isöo attended the Faculties of Architecture at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and at the University of Oporto (Portugal), where he graduated in 1998. He studied Chinese writing, language and culture at the Universities of Beijing, Oporto and Minho, having finished a post-graduate course in Chinese Studies in 2003 (University of Minho).

Francisco Isöo studied Photography at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) in 1996 and 1997. In 1997 Isöo held a photographic exhibition at the São Paulo Biennial of Architecture about “São Paulo Residential Areas from the 50s and 60s".

Having started by working in the field of commercial photography and with several works published, Isöo has focused on an author’s project since 2001 that is dedicated to photography of daily routines within the theme of the Far East.

Isöo published "Moments of a daily life" in 2002, which portrays the life of two Budhist communities that live by the foot of the Himalayas. An exhibition bearing the same title was held at Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo in Lisbon, at Fnac Bookshops in Lisbon and Oporto, at Lusíada University, at Católica University and at City Hall of Famalicão.

"SHE-SI daily life of a school” was published in 2004 and deals with the school of Chinese Martial Arts She-Si in Oporto. The corresponding exhibition was held at Reitoria of the University of Aveiro during Forum of China, at Technical University of Lisbon; during the 8th International Conference about China and  at Alfândega, the former Custom’s House, in Oporto, by the time of the International Symposium on DaoYin Qi Gong.

During that same Symposium in 2004 Isöo presented his work entitled “DaoYin”, a homage to Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong, a therapy system created by Zhang Guang De, the great master and Professor at the University of Peking. This work has been used to publicise the system in Portugal.

Francisco Isöo’s last photographic work, “One day at Tian´Anmen”, was published as a book by Afrontamento Editions in 2006, with the corresponding exhibition at Fnac bookshops.

Along his career Isöo has been sponsored by prestigious institutions such as CPF – Portuguese Photography Center from the Ministry of Culture, City Hall of Oporto, Lusíada University, Technical University of Lisbon, University of Aveiro, Macau Government Tourist Office, Oriental Foundation, Jorge Alvares Foundation, Grupo Invictos, LabMed, Fnac, Fotosport, among others.